Why Make-Cup®?

Every woman knows the struggle of looking good on the go! We all have rummaged through our bags opening and closing 4 or 5 different compacts to find the one color you want, reaching for your favorite eyeliner only to find it melted from the heat, or the worst, opening your suitcase to find your favorite powder is cracked all over your bag and your clothes.

The Problem:
Make-up bags are unsanitary and messy. They do NOT provide time savings, organization, protection from melting, breaking and bacteria.

The Solution:
Make-Cup®! This compact protective movable make-over lets you carry everything you need and allows you to use a refillable system so you can save on your cosmetic costs and use the brands you love. By using Make-Cup you will be reducing the plastic waste caused from empty cosmetic containers that end up in landfills. You will also enjoy the freedom to leave Make-Cup in your cupholder without the worry of thermal breakdown.