Our Story

My name is Christina Bellas and I'm the creator of Make-Cup®, a portable, practical, and beauty-FULL solution for all of your makeup needs! Our unique, compact cup is designed with special, secret compartments to hold blushes and powders, eyeshadows, lip and lash products, beauty brushes and more. It's meant to save space and make your life easier. I created Make-Cup® for everyone who has ever tried to fit beauty supplies into a tiny bag that just won't zip, for everyone who has dropped a compact and watched it shatter, for everyone who needs a convenient, simple way to carry makeup on the go. Providing you with a fast, affordable solution that keeps you beautiful all day long is our number one goal! Our intention is and always will be to make good products and make happy customers. May your cup always be-FULL of beautylovepeace.

Our Credo:
Our belief is simple: “Always do good.” Doing good by our customers, our vendors, our employees, our planet, supporters, family members, and friends. We manufacture in the USA. We believe in creating jobs and making way for progress in our hometowns. We use durable, sustainable, earth-friendly materials. And most importantly, we believe in good intentions. Beautiful things happen when your heart is in the right place.