Why We Made Make-Cup

Our Simple, Elegant, Patented Design is Here to Make Life Easier

Always beautiful, never wasteful! We designed Make-Cup to help save you space, time, money… and protect our planet!

Like many busy career women, Make-Cup founder and CEO Christina Bellas is always on the go. While traveling throughout the Midwest – always wanting to look her best – she discovered a problem. There was no good way to carry and contain her makeup.

As most women know, makeup bags are not the answer. They’re tough to clean. They’re hard to organize. Makeup melts. Clunky plastic palettes often result in broken cosmetics.

A thinker and inventor, always looking for creative solutions, Christina went to work – designing and creating Make-Cup – a beautiful cup you can fill with everything you need to keep you beauty-FULL.

The Three-In-One Solution

Make-Cup is engineered to hold refills of your favorite powders, shadows, and blushes. By purchasing refills, you’re paying only for your product – not all of that pretty plastic packaging that costs a pretty penny, too. That plastic eventually ends up in landfills. Make-Cup saves you money and helps save our planet in the process.

“A lot more companies are going with the way of refills because they’re becoming more and more eco-conscious,” says Christina. “When I first created with Make-Cup, there were only a few companies that sold refills. Now there are hundreds, and it seems more and more are entering that market space weekly. So there’s a lot more awareness about the benefits of refills including saving 40% to 50% on their makeup. More and more companies are getting on board with this trend.”

Oh, and you can kiss clutter goodbye! No more opening and closing a dozen compacts looking for the right color. Your customized artist’s palette will be ready from the start. Make-Cup keeps you organized and saves you space and time.

Go Ahead, Be Beauty-FULL!

Simplify your life and help beautify our environment by pre-ordering your Make-Cup today. Make-Cup is proudly made in Michigan, USA. For your convenience, we’ve also put together an abbreviated list of nation-wide companies that sell refills to fit securely in your cup!

May your cup always be FULL of...