How do you fill your CUP?

Save Time + Money: Fill Your Cup With Refills!

Wondering where to find refills for your Make-Cup? Check out the list below!

It’s been called the “eco-conscious beauty trend that’s popping up everywhere.” Refillable cosmetics are hot – and more and more makeup brands are selling them. We designed Make-Cup so that refills (just the cosmetics themselves without the plastic packaging) fit perfectly inside! Our patented swivel-out artist’s palette is magnetic. It holds powders, blushes and shadows perfectly in place – whether they’re circles squares or rectangles. 

“There are numerous reasons to start using a refillable system for your makeup. The obvious? Saving time and money,” says Christina Bellas, founder and CEO of Make-Cup. “We’re seeing more and more mainstream makeup lines carrying refills because the pros are using what I call ‘open-concept’ palettes. Just envision an artist’s palette, but instead of paint, it contains all of your favorite powders. This saves time because there’s no longer a need to open and close multiple compacts to find what you’re looking for. You just grab your brush, use your products and go.”

Big Savings

On average, the purchase of a refill will save you 40 to 50 percent compared to the price of a full compact or palette. When you purchase a refillable system like Make-Cup, you are also helping to save the planet by preventing more plastic waste from being tossed into landfills. Click HERE to purchase now!

Make-Cup is an innovative, eco-friendly, product made in the USA, designed to help you save time, space, money and Mother Earth. Always beautiful, never wasteful!

Where to Buy

Because we want to make it easy for you to get the most out of your Make-Cup, we’ve put together an abbreviated list of companies that sell refills, which will fit securely in your cup. Enjoy!