Make-Cup Saves Money

The Secret is Out!

We’ve known for quite some time that the key to saving money on your makeup purchases is simple and it’s catching on fast! Refills – those circles, squares and rectangles that hold eyeshadow, powder, and blush, without all of the wasteful (and expensive) plastic packaging. We designed Make-Cup specifically to hold refills and exactly because we saw early on the incredible value in this growing trend.

Where do you find refills? We’ve compiled a list on our blog to make it easy for you. Just click here for a handy reference guide of local and national brands.

We want to help you save your hard earned cash (and save time, space, and the planet in the process!) So imagine our delight when we saw this week’s article in the Huffington Post that reads:

“Let us introduce you to the wonderful world of cosmetic refills. The concept is simple: Many brands offer refills for items like eye shadows, foundations, and lipsticks – and those refills cost significantly less than if you were to buy the product in its original compact or package. Are you picking up what we’re putting down? Is your mind blown?

This method won’t just save you money – it will also cut down on the amount of cosmetic waste that ends up in landfills.”

You’ll find the complete Huffington Post article HERE. The reporter goes on to compare prices. A lipstick refill that’s $20 less than buying the original; a MAC concealer refill for just $13; shadow refills for just $4 and the list goes on.

Why are we so excited? Because we’ve been saying this all along! And we designed the perfect, completely customizable, portable makeover to go system to help you take all your refills with you. Just place your refills in our patented swivel-out artists palette in any configuration you like. The palette is magnetized to hold your refills securely in place. Swap them out for day and night. Mix and match brands. Have fun. Feel confident.  

Oh, and save time, space, money and the planet in the process! Win, win, win, win. What could be more beautyFULL?

Cashing in on the hottest makeup trend is super simple. Just CLICK HERE and order your Make-Cup today!